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Loss Mitigation

Loss Mitigation/Asset Management

Our post funding services do not stop at a simple desk or field review of a disputed report, whether it is 6 months old or 16 years old.


Additional services include:


-Review of the original sales contract and/or application.
-Review of the HUD-1
-Field review of the subject, original comparables and if original value validity is questioned, additional retro comparables added to new review report.
-Expert Testimony in New York State Courts if necessary.


Many instances do exist where after many years, a property has changed in condition, size and/or use. (Legally or not)
Original MLS photo’s and descriptions are available going back to 1996, prior to 1996 only 1 exterior photo was avilable and Realtor discriptors in the listing is the only data available.


Constant assest management is particullay critical for Credit Unions, Portfolio lenders and non-profits.
No pay, slow pay, economic change, neigborhood change, owner occupied, vacant, secured, open to the elements et al. all could have radical shifts in values.
What is in your portfolio?